alpha-blast Combination Wet/Dry Blaster Brochure

The alpha-blast combination wet/dry blasting system provides the ultimate in flexibility for all open blasting projects. The system can be used as a standard open blaster using dry abrasives. In situations where air born dust is a major concern the system can be used as a wet/vapour blaster.

Using the wet blast system will reduce dust pollution by up to 92% compared to conventional dry blasting. As the unit is designed to only inject the amount of water required to reduce the dust, it consumes far less water than fully wet blasting systems.

The dust suppression capacity of the alpha-blast combination wet/dry blaster reduces or eliminates the requirement for cladding around the item being blasted.

The system is fitted with full controls to allow any mixture of air, abrasive and water. These controls permit the abrasive and water to be closed off and the nozzle used as a drying gun after blasting. The blasted surface can then be immediately dried.

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