TruGrit Blastroom

Every square meter/foot you blast earns you income. And every square meter/foot you blast also costs you money. If the cost of the blasting is too high, your profit margin is soon eaten away. So the objective of every blaster is to keep their blasting costs as low as possible. Lower costs…More profit. The most …

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W Series Blastroom

Want to halve your blasting costs? Of course you do, who wouldn’t. The Blastechnik W Series Blastroom is an all-in-one blasting, abrasive recovery and ventilation system. Shipped in modular bolt together design for quick and easy erection on site within a few days. This system fully recycles and cleans the abrasive as you are blasting. …

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W Series Blastroom – Indonesia

Ingin menggandakan produksi blasting Anda? Maka berhentilah untuk menghabiskan setengah dari waktu Anda hanya untuk mengumpulkan abrasive. Kita semua tahu bahwa kunci dari mendapatkan profit adalah produktifitas. Semakin banyak blasting, semakin banyak profit yang di dapatkan. Sehingga tidak masuk akal jika kita menghabiskan setengah dari waktu kita hanya untuk menggumpulkan abrasive ke dalam blastpot atau …

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