Ice Blasting

The unbelievable power of blasting with ice.

What features would you want from an abrasive for blasting in sensitive areas or applications?


How about; non toxic, no dust, no waste, no contamination, zero pollution, non sparking, safe to use around electric components and other personnel, and virtually no waste to clean up.


There is one abrasive that meets all this, and is perfect for blasting in sensitive areas or products.

ICE. Not dry ice. Just normal ice. Ice cubes. The stuff you cool your beer with. Make it in your freezer, buy from the convenience store, buy from an ice supplier. Easy and cheap to buy, and makes the perfect abrasive for a wide range of applications; paint stripping, graffiti/barnicle/tar and concrete removal, food manufacturing machinery, pulp and paper mills, oil refinery, oil rig and off shore platform, aerospace etc…


The Coulson Ice Blaster is the machine to use with it. Here is a video of the process. The video is a bit addictive so be prepared to set aside 20 minutes to watch it.

If you are interested contact us, we are their distributor.