RPB GX4 CO2 Gas Monitor

An invisible, odourless deadly killer. Carbon Monoxide is a potentially deadly gas if it gets into the blasters breathing air supply.

There are 2 potential sources of this poisonous gas.

1. Compressor overheating. Oil lubricated compressors have the potential to generate carbon monoxide if the compressor over heats.
2. Contamination of the compressor inlet. If facing the wrong way against the wind, diesel driven compressors exhausts can get blown back into the air intakes. Parked vehicles, with their engines left running, emit exhaust that could be directed towards the compressor air intake.

Either way you don’t want to breathe it. If it is in the breathing air stream the GX4 Monitor will detect it and sound a 103DBA alarm or flashing light to attract attention. Lots of customisation and monitoring options are available.

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