Blastechnik Air Cooled Dehumidifier Brochure

One of the major issues that arises during the processing of very large steel fabrications is the problem of flash rusting of the part after blasting and prior to painting.

This is a serious problem in areas of high relative humidity. Due to the very size of the components being blasted it can take many hours or even days prior to the application of the primer coating. This can result in the freshly blasted steel surface to flash rust prior to the application of the first layer of paint. Once the steel has started to rust it no longer meets the quality standard required for painting and will require re-blasting, a big waste of resources.

The Relative Humidity level of the air surrounding the part determines how fast the part will corrode. Higher relative humidity levels produce faster corrosion rates. Lower relative humidity levels will extend the time taken for the part to start to rust.

By reducing the Relative Humidity in the blastroom, Blastechnik Air Cooled Dehumidifiers will slow down this corrosion rate and provide enough time to apply the first coating.

Blastechnik Air Cooled Dehumidifier can reduce ambient air 15-50 deg C @ 95% RH to 25 (+/-3) deg C @ 45% RH.

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