Small Abrasive Blasts Faster

There is a common phrase that size does not matter. In the case of sizing abrasives for a particular application size certainly does matter and plays an important role in the cost and economics of a blast cleaning operation. In abrasive blasting the rule of thumb is to use the smallest possible abrasive to achieve …

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Ceramic vs Glass Beads

We sell both ceramic beads and glass beads. And we have used both in our operations. These beads are used for both shot peening and surface finishing. This blog post explains the difference between the two beads and the advantages ceramic beads have over glass beads. The one disadvantage of ceramic beads is the initial …

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Ice Blasting

The unbelievable power of blasting with ice.

What features would you want from an abrasive for blasting in sensitive areas or applications?


How about; non toxic, no dust, no waste, no contamination, zero pollution, non sparking, safe to use around electric components and other personnel, and virtually no waste to clean up.


There is one abrasive that meets all this, and is perfect for blasting in sensitive areas or products.

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