DuraGrit Brochure

Everybody likes to save money

DuraGrit is a cost saving steel grit abrasive designed specifically for use in blastrooms. DuraGrit is not a conventional steel grit abrasive. Conventional steel grit abrasives are produced by a casting process. This manufacturing process induces cracks, porosity and hollows into the grit particles. These imperfections lead to a fast break down rate of the abrasive and slower cutting speeds.

DuraGrit is different.

DuraGrit is manufactured from forged steel offcuts used in the manufacture of bearings. This material is inherently higher density and a lot tougher than cast steel, which leads to a much longer abrasive life and higher production rates. Less abrasive consumption and faster cleaning speeds result in direct cost savings to you. Although manufactured from a higher quality and cleaner steel the purchase price of DuraGrit is comparable with conventional steel grit.

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