DuraShot Brochure

DURASHOT. You only see it twice. First time, when it’s new and poured into the machine. Next time, when it is dumped from the dust collector a few weeks later, as waste dust. So, as a consumable item, you want to consume as little as possible, with maximum blasting output.

This is exactly what DuraShot will do for you.

Our first steel abrasive product was DuraGrit. If you are familiar with it, you will know it is a longer lasting alternative to conventional cast steel grit. DuraShot has been developed with the same raw material used for DuraGrit, forged steel offcuts used in the manufacture of bearings.
Bearings are manufactured from high carbon chromium steel. This material is inherently tougher than regular high carbon steel due to the additional alloying element, chromium. Bearing steels provide exceptional wearresistance, which is one of the key quality requirements in making bearings. This is the raw material used for making DuraShot.

DuraShot is a high carbon steel shot that will hammer the surface and obliterate the mill scale. The high hardness and fast cutting action creates high blasting production rates. Due to the additional toughness of the raw material used to produce DuraShot, it will break down at a lower rate than conventional high carbon steel shot.

Using DuraShot will reduce your descaling costs without compromising on production output rates.

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