Silicon Carbide Brochure

Silicon Carbide is an aggressive sharp angular abrasive, and is the hardest blasting abrasive available. Silicon Carbide particles fracture in use to produce new sharp cutting edges. The hardness of the material greatly reduces blasting cycle times.

Silicon Carbide produces an etched finish; finer grits produce a dull matt finish, while larger grits produce a deep rough etch. Silicon Carbide is an aggressive blasting media with a very fast cutting speed.

Cleaning, descaling, coating and contamination removal, etching and surface preparation of ferrous and non ferrous metallic parts prior to rework, painting, coating, anodizing and powder coating.

Removal of thermal metal spray and carbon deposits from jet and gas engine components and turbochargers prior to rebuild, anodizing and thermal metal spray.

Decorative glass, stone, metal and wood etching and carving.

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