Plastic Media Brochure

Plastic Media is a non aggressive granulated plastic abrasive for use in applications where the underlying substrate cannot be damaged. Plastic Media is used for coating removal and stripping, cleaning, deburring and deflashing.

Plastic Media is produced in a variety of plastic types, hardness’s and sizes to suit the application. Plastic Media can be used on soft and thin substrates, composites, aluminium, fiberglass and delicate parts without causing damage to the part.

Dry stripping of coatings from aluminium, composite and steel aeronautical structures and components, ie fuselage, landing gear, engine casing and engine blades.

Removal of powder coatings from aluminium and steel components without damage to underlying substrate or galvanized coating. Selective layer paint removal.

Deburring and deflashing of electronic components incl. resin bleed removal from leadframes. Mould cleaning and automotive paint removal.

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