Walnut Shell Brochure

Walnut Shell is a tough, durable fibrous blasting abrasive manufactured from crushed walnut shells. Walnut Shell is used for cleaning, polishing, deburring, deflashing, metal finishing, paint and coating removal.

Walnut Shell is non toxic and poses no health or environmental hazards. The media may be recycled many times and waste disposal issues are minimized. Walnut Shell will clean plastic, metal and alloy parts without pitting or scratching the surface.

Deflashing and deburring of moulded plastic and rubber parts without damage to the final products surface. Carbon deposit removal from turbines.

Deburring of machined, die cast and stamped parts manufactured from soft materials ie, aluminium, zinc, tin, composites etc.

Removal of paint, old coatings and unwanted deposits on soft or delicate substrates ie, fiberglass, wood, plastic, composites, old buildings and statues etc.

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