Stainless Steel Cut Wire Brochure

Stainless Steel Cut Wire is produced by cutting stainless steel wire into pellets, the length equal to the diameter of the wire. Stainless Steel Cut Wire is available manufactured from 304 and 430 series stainless steels.

Stainless Steel Cut Wire is available as cut for finishing processes and conditioned to G3 Spherical Conditioned for peening applications. Due to the solidity of each particle, Stainless Steel Cut Wire has a longer life than cast stainless steel shot.

Deflashing, deburring and surface finishing of aluminium castings and die castings without imparting ferrous particles and dust onto the surface that can discolour.

Shot peening of non ferrous components that cannot tolerate any ferrous contamination. Shot peening repeatability is improved due to durability of the particles.

Surface finishing of a variety of stainless steel fabrications and castings, producing a bright luster, orange peel finish.

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