Steel Cut Wire Brochure

Carbon Steel Cut Wire is produced by cutting steel wire into pellets, the length equal to the diameter of the wire. Carbon Steel Cut Wire is an alternative to cast steel shot for blast cleaning and shot peening applications.

Carbon Steel Cut Wire is available as cut and in three degrees of conditioning; G1, G2 and G3. Due to the inherent solidity of each particle, Carbon Steel Cut Wire has up to three times greater durability and life than comparable size and hardness cast steel shot.

Shot peening of metallic parts particularly in the aerospace and automotive industries, ie coils springs, leaf springs, engine components and transmission components.

Shot peening of components requiring high peening intensities and or manufactured from high strength steels, ie case hardened gears and cold formed springs.

Descaling, coating removal, surface preparation, deburring and etching of steel items prior to the application of a coating.

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